Система хранения с опциями 2851-DE2 with factory upgrades

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2851-DE2 with factory upgrades(2851-DE2 (bundle))

Physical specifications

Width:    644 mm  (25.4 in.)
Depth:   1608 mm  (63.3 in.)
Height:  2015 mm  (79.3 in.)
                      Fully populated
Model                 Weight
------------------    -----------------------
2851-RXA   FC 9003     794 Kg   (1750 lbs)
2851-RXA   FC 9004     749 Kg   (1650 lbs)
2851-RXA   FC 9005    1044 Kg   (2300 lbs)
2851-RXB              1343 Kg   (2960 lbs)
2851-RXC               817 Kg   (1800 lbs)
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Family 2851+02 IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage 1.2.0

The system consists of:

  • Two to thirty Interface Nodes (2851-SI2)
  • One to thirty storage pods consisting of Storage Node (2851-SS2), Storage Controller (2851-DR1), and attached disks
  • One Management Node (2851-SM1)
  • Disk Storage Expansion units (2851-DE1)
  • Ethernet and InfiniBand switches and racks

The maximum configuration provides up to 14.4 PB of storage capacity in a single cluster, highly-redundant system. The storage used in the SONAS system can be high-performance 15K RPM SAS HDDs or high-capacity 7.2K RPM Nearline SAS HDDs, allowing configuration according to needs.

The Management Node provides a central point for the system administrator to configure, monitor and manage the system. The Management Node supports both a browser-based GUI and CLI. It also provides a System Health Center for monitoring the overall health of the system.

The Interface Node provides the network port connection and the the file services for the IBM SONAS system. These nodes can operate at speeds of up to 10 Gbps with optional adapters, providing extremely fast access to data. These interface nodes are connected to the rest of the SONAS system via a redundant high-speed InfiniBand data network.

The IBM SONAS system has the concept of a storage pod. Each storage pod consists of a pair of Storage Nodes and one or two Storage Controllers. Each Storage Controller contains 60 disks, and can have one Disk Storage Expansion unit attached for 60 additional disks per controller. Each storage pod supports a maximum of 240 hard disk drives. A maximum of 30 storage pods are supported for a maximum of 7200 hard disk drives in a single system.

These systems are configured within three pre-defined, customizable rack configurations. The Base rack (2851-RXA) contains the Management Node(s), the InfiniBand switches, some Interface Nodes, and up to one storage pod. Each Storage Expansion rack (2851-RXB) contains up to two storage pods, for a maximum of 480 disks. The Interface Expansion Rack (2851-RXC) contains up to twenty additional Interface Nodes.

IBM SONAS Version 1.2.0 supports the following:

  • SONAS Interface Node 2 (2851-SI2) based on System x 3650-M3 server
  • SONAS Storage Node 2 (2851-SS2) based on System x 3650-M3 server
  • Miscellaneous SONAS rack model (RXA, RXB and RXC) features:
    • New 8-inch rear rack extender
    • 60A power cords
    • 3-Phase power cords
    • Rack Security Kit
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